The 2020 Student Pack

Power to the People: Protest and Social Movement.

The 2019 topic, Power to the People: Protest and Social Movement, began by looking at some of Aotearoa’s major historical protests, including the Suffragettes, Parihaka, Bastian Point and the 1981 Springbok Tour. Discussion then moved to the American Civil Rights Movement where we introduced leaders such as Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali. Lastly, students were encouraged to bring the topic into current times with an examination of the Punk era protests, Beyonce’s Homecoming and the protests waged in the world of fashion, literature and the visual arts – with specific reference to street artist, Banksy.

Discussion then turned to the modes and means of protest where we examined the advent of social media with reference to the now household names of Greta Thunberg and Emma Gonzalez.

Once again, students were challenged to engage in the topic and to make it their own.

The IWA 2019 competition was again entered by thousands of intermediate age students and from every corner of Aotearoa. The calibre of our student submissions was exceptionally high. Rebecca Emery, Communication Adviser Auckland University, commented:

“Very high standard again this year. Well done to all the entrants who made it through. I have learnt so much this year and on some very important past and current issues. Your insights are truly appreciated and often refreshing. It strikes me when I read your essays that decision makers are foolish to not take your opinions and thoughts far more seriously than they do at times. Some of the messages I have read in your essays are so compelling that I am feeling very much like the future of New Zealand /Aotearoa is in extremely safe and wise hands. Well done to all of you and special congratulations to those of you who made it into the finals this year.”