About IWA


Intermediate Writers Awards

In our information based society, written language is rapidly evolving in both form and function.

Writing is a form of communication and social response that is gaining ever increasing importance. Writing connects us instantly to immediate and global audiences.

Despite this, there remains little opportunity for our youth and their teachers to link the teaching and learning of writing skills to a real and shared social experience.

What we do:

  • The IWA has designed a competition that allows NZ students and schools to participate in a Nationwide writing event that ties learning with social discussion and engagement.
  • Schools, students and teachers are deliberately presented with the one essay topic to create connection. It is this connection that creates the writer’s platform, and gives students a much needed avenue for their writing to find ‘voice.’
  • We are a non-fiction essay competition and we are open to all Students, Years 5 to 8.